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Two Phase I students are working with Dr. Mushtaq. Everyone is aware of the terror he carries around, which makes it very difficult for anyone to answer any question correctly.
A patient has presented with abdominal pain. Dr. M asks one of us to take the history.
The patient tells us that the pain is brought on by only some kinds of food.
Next question: “Have u ever had this type of pain before?”
Dr. M is impressed.
The patient answers: “Jee Dr. Sahiba; aaj say teen saal pehlay mujhay isee kisam kaa dard utha tha”
“Hmmm.... very interesting; I think I am on the right track”..... the student thinks.
Dr. M’s eyebrow moves.... signifying his excitement.
“Acha aik baat to bataaiyiay..... aaj say teen saal pehlay jub aap ko dard utha tha.... us dafaa aap nay kya khaya tha?”
Next question is asked by Dr. M,...addressing the student this time......
“(name of the student).... Do YOU remember what U ate THREE years ago?”

Zulfiqar's contribution


Dr. Imran is taking a group discussion on history and physical.
“Why don't u present the case, Nouman?”
Alvi starts in his usual unnecessarily descriptive way..... actually he is doing well this time.
He completes the history successfully. Next comes the Physical exam.
“Remember, in the beginning, I have to say a general statement about the patient”... Alvi says to himself.
He begins....
“The patient was sitting comfortably and his son-in-law was sitting in HIS LAP” !!!!!!!
“WHATTTT???” everyone goes.
“The son in law was sitting in his lap” Alvi says convincingly, somewhat surprised at the group's response.
“What was his son in law doing, sitting in HIS LAP, Nouman?” Dr. Imran asks.
“Sir.... potay ko son in law hee to kehtay hain!”
Dr. Imran says, “ Nouman, why don't you take a break?”

Zulfiqar's contribution

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