Here are some extracts from the e-mails I received.
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19 March 2002
DER KHA BABLOO, WALA CHE DER KHA. I will send you some pictures soon including our son's pictures :) Salaam to everyone.
Asif K

28 February 2002
Outstanding job, Bubbles !!!!!! You almost made me nostalgic. I even thought of the days as "Class of 96" as the "GOOD OLD DAYS" ! Excellent resource for sharing the memories with family. A job well done.
Afshan (my wife) finally got to "see" some of my friends & others. Let me know if I can be of help in any way.

09 June 2001
yet again tamseel you have contributed a lot of your time and effort for class of '96 (previously your lecture notes etc etc). i thank you for taking us home, while we are thousands of miles away, even if it was for a moment. Keep up the good work.

31 May 2001
MAN..awesome site...
Khurram H

04 May 2001
I am in Peoria with Abbas Agha and Faraz Khan and we really enjoyed your work is an EXCELLENT effort.........Thanks.

05 Apr 2001
I checked out the AKU site you made. Simple yet much better than the ones I've seen.
Haroon Sheikh

4 Apr 2001
Very good website!
I'll send you some scanned pics (or add them myself) and some details about my life.. soon (after the 9th.. I have an exam then!)

4 Apr 2001
it's really good. Keep up the good work. thanks for your effort.

4 Apr 2001
All I can say is "marvellous".

3 Apr 2001
It's great to see someone finally making a Class of 1996 website. I hope that people who read it pass it on to others whom they are in contact with..
Other class members need to pass information on to you to add on to what you have written already...

28 Mar 2001
the speed of the site is pretty ok. nothing too slow. so don't worry. i hope people send u their profiles and stuff.
great job.. keep it up.

24 Mar 2001
howdy tamseel zama, jawaan kaisay ho...good to hear from you .......... i am sure the timing is great cos ppl are just about to finish the residency and it will be an instant hit... keep in touch.

23 Mar 2001
strong work.. man..... it was about time.
i will be sending the profile pretty soon.. and some pics too.... looking really forward to the web site completion.

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