GP-Registrars win Gold

in 5-a-side football tournament
thrashing the consultants' team 13-0

Useful info 4 GP Reg

We entered the tournament as outsiders; our aim was to win at least one match before going home.

Gold medal Our first group match was against Psychiatry SHOs which we won by 5 goals to nil. The second match was against the wards team; very rough and physical match which we won by three goals to nil. Suhail played exceptionally well. We had reached the semi-finals before the final group match which we drew against Psychiatry consultants / registrars by one goal each and ended up on top of our group. We couldn't keep a clean sheet this time and this was the only goal we conceeded in the whole tournament! This meant that our team had the meanest defence among all teams.

Semi-final was played against the defending champions - CMHT. Again, tough and physical match but we won 2-0. We faced the Psychiatry consultants / registrars in the final. In the first half (7 minutes) we scored 5 goals and conceeded none. Effectively the game was over. However, we didn't want to get carried away. The attack continued after half time, giving us another eight goals. Final score: 13-0.

All credit goes to our attackers (mainly Usman and Navs) as well as defenders (mainly Asif and Suhail). Surinder made a brief appearance in one of the group matches. I, myself was keeping the goal (my first ever experience).

Over the weekend we have been nursing aches and pains, pulled muscles and sore hands / forearms / legs / feet - at least I have. However, as Asif put it, the shield and medals were worth it at the end.

November 18, 2006

The Winning Team with the Trophy