Useful information for GP Registrars


Useful info 4 GP Reg

Welcome to this website which has been created to get as much information as possible in one place to help us in our General Practice Registrar year (2006-7).

Don't hesitate to email me for comments, suggestions, articles etc.

Please use the navigation bar on the left to find your way around the website including revision notes for AKT.


As per Asif's email we have decided to join in with 2008's registrars. (Further details in Asif's email)
So far, Ali, Asif, Suhail, Sumyya, Surinder, Tamseel and Usman have confirmed attendance.
Asad and Azher have sent their apologies.
Non-responders are Chetan, Lateef and Oliver.

Our team won Gold in 5-a-side football tournament.
(Now old news but still exciting.)
Click here for a photo & details.